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Improvements in people management

TALENT MANAGEMENT is a consulting service aimed at the digitalisation of management processes within human resources departments given that the rate of activity within these departments grows at the same rate as the number of employees that the organisation yet it does not bring any added value.

What people management processes do we digitise?


  Improve your internal personnel management processes, reducing your operating costs by more than 30%

Process analysis and diagnosis

We will carry out FREE a preliminary analysis of the process currently used as well as of all the management tools currently used by your human resources department: excel sheets, emails, etc. in order to identify all points for operational improvement and cost reduction in order to present a digitisation project through the implementation of a web application.

Interim HR Management

Throughout the service, both in the analysis-diagnosis phase and in the subsequent development and implementation of the web application, we are able to provide you with full or part-time professionals with experience in the digitisation of personnel management processes in order to mentor your team during implementation.

Technology support

We implement fully scalable technological tools that are compatible with your current internal management program (ERP). These tools have no programming costs, are fully customisable and offer with very short start-up times. Corporate employment portals, recruitment and selection platforms, internal recruitment management, employee portal, applications for performance evaluation, online training systems, administrative HR procedures, etc.


We design and implement technology solutions to improve productivity in the personnel management processes


Servitalent is a certified Caspio Bridge® web application developer.

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