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Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service provided by the recruitment and selection team of Servitalent in which we take charge of a certain number or all of the operations linked to a client's selection process.

Requirements analysis
Elaboration of the search profile according to the technical requirements of the position (Job Description), background, conditions, organizational structure and the motivations of the search.
PDA behavioral profile
Definition of the profile based on the behaviours expected by the hierarchical/functional superior of the position to the covered.

Matching Leadership PDA
Contrast tests with a hierarchical manager to determine the fit of managment styles.
Assessment Growth-Curve
Analysis and diganosis with the managment team of the strategic implications of the positions to be covered based on the life cycle of the company/department /service (Optional according to position).
Recruiting Marketing
Development of marketing and communication campaign in online media to attract talent based on the value proposition offered in the market by the client company.
Qualified databases
We make available to the client a qualified database of more than 30.000 managers and the licenses to use linkedin recruiter
Direct search
Throught local, national and internacional networks accumulated by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.
Curricular filters
Verification of basic skills required by the client for the position; Languages, motivations, mobility, availability, etc. through curriculum analysis and telephone contacts.

The recruitment phases concludes with the validation of the applications by the client (Long-list).
Background check
Analisys of the professional trajectory, responsabilities and achivements, education, training obtained and digital footprint.

Assessment PDA
Pychometric analisys to validate the behavioral profile, measurement of softskills, see managment styles, adaptation to the position previously defined with the client and the degree of compatibility with his hierarchical superior.
Aem cube Asessment 
Analysis of the strategic adequacy of the candidacy to the life cycle in which the company is located as defined by the team that promotes the selecction process.
Personal interviews 
Carried out by senior consultants to compare customer requirements and the results obtained in evaluation tests: Skills, critical incidents, etc.

Complmentary test 
Languajes, technical skills, etc.
Complete reports
Individual and comparative reports will be prepared and presented according to the client´s requirements to facilitate the decision making.


Interview Support
If requested, the client will have at their disposal a senior in requitment who will help them prepare and accompany the candidates during the final interviews.
Salary Benchmarking
The client will have at their disposal and information service on salary levels or other compensation components to prepare the final offer for the selected candidacy.


Senior Compensation Advisor 
If requested, the client will have at their disposal a senior professional with experience in compensation and hiring of managerial profiles.

These are the activities that we can do in the selection process of your company:

  • Publication of offers
  • Management of RRSS and job portals
  • Curriculum screening
  • Telephone contacts
  • Evaluation
  • Interviews
  • Preparation of reports (Background Checks)
  • Evaluation of competencies (Assessment)
  • Scholarship management
  • Communication with candidates
  • Analysis of results (Kpis)
  • Process automation (digitalization)

We take care of the operations so that you can focus on what is important

Why do our clients hire our RPO services?

Guaranteed efficiency

To achieve greater efficiency in the recruitment process and to make their internal costs more variable.

Cost reduction

To reduce their opportunity costs by allocating resources to activities of greater strategic value for the company.

Process improvements

To introduce improvements in the recruitment process with the help of a specialized partner..

Employer brand improvement

To improve your employer brand in front of your candidates and society in general.

Technological solutions

To work with technological solutions or other selection tools to which they would not have access internally.


How do we work?

We analyze with the client their current recruitment process (workflow), identifying where critical points and areas for improvement are identified.


We define an action plan adapted to the client's requirements and to the objectives established in the outsourcing process.


We assign the human and technical resources necessary for the services, as well as their availability times for the client.


We start up the service with an initial period of adjustments and corrections of the service with the consensus of the client's selection department.


We issue periodic reports on the results obtained with a measurement and monitoring system based on the number of candidates managed.


Reduce your costs in the company's recruitment process by more than 30%

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