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Certification for Interim Managers

All of our interim managers go through an exhaustive certification process in order to identify their capabilities, verify their experience and training and offer guarantees to companies that use their external management services under the Servitalent® brand.



Higher academic education (bachelor’s degree, diploma, degree or similar).

Accredited experience in executive management positions within a company (minimum 10 years).

Registered as self-employed (minimum 1 year).                                                                

Professional liability insurance.                                                                                                                                        

Accepting the Servitalent Professional Code of Conduct.                                                                                                   

No criminal record related to the requirements in the code of professional conduct

Providing all empirical evidence requested in the certification process: work life, qualifications, etc.

Undergoing all evaluative tests required in the certification process: languages, executive conduct, etc.

Membership of the Interim Management Association of Spain  or another international organisation that represents this group of professionals.

A detailed profile on Linkedin (preferably) or other professional networks.

Have a detailed profile on Linkedin (preferably) or other professional networks.

If you do not meet the requirements for certification as an interim manager, we invite you to participate in our selection processes for middle executives and managers.


Our CV certification process is firmly committed to our internal Code of Professional Conduct and the Code of Good Practices guidelines   of the Interim Management Association of Spain; as well as the protocols established in the UNE ISO 10667 standard in the provision of evaluation services for personnel.

Our work methodology is endorsed by the Interim Management Association of Spain


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