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  • Does "Spanish" Interim Management exist?

    It is true that interim management is an activity that is still not very well known in Spain, with a small market and not much tradition. But in recent years it has grown strongly and has begun to take its place.

  • Good practices of a resume audit

    The resume audit process allows companies to know to what extent the employees who are going to be part of their staff are telling the truth in their resumes.
    Making a resume is accessible to everyone, in fact almost certainly at some point in our lives we have to make at least one. 

  • Inside Sales and the HR world
    We have recently expanded our team with a person who will act as a link between the marketing department and the sales department. This position occupied in Servitalent by Marta Alonso, commonly called Inside Sales, aims to make sure to connect both departments so that the actions implemented in the first one have an impact on sales. Find out more about her experience in inside sales and human resources.
  • Launching of the third edition of the Interim Management Hiring Guide 2022 by Servitalent
    We are very excited to launch the third edition of our Interim Management Hiring Guide, which presents the results of our own study conducted between February and March 2022, interviewing more than 350 professionals through LinkedIn, on the current state of interim management in Spain.
  • Servitalent participates in the Talentor Partner Meeting 2022

    Despite all the uncertainties that surround us, the world continues to turn, and major international events return to our agendas in person. On March 31st and April 1st, the Talentor Partner Meeting 2022 was held in Riga. This is one of the two major events, along with the Talentor Summit, held annually by this well-known international network of headhunters to which we belong: Servitalent is Talentor Spain.

  • Spanish e-coffee with… Czech Republic
    Our “Spanish e-coffee with…” is getting stronger this 2022! Our second “Spanish e-coffee with…” was with our partners from Czech Republic (Talentor Advanced Search) , with whom we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences within the Talentor International network. 
  • Mentoring for Senior Talent
    What is the reality of a senior professional's job search and how can a Career Mentor can help them find an opportunity that matches their skills and experience? Our Career Mentor, Antonio Ruiz, tells you this in this article, and also he reflects on how the commitment to promote senior talent in companies that need it so much is our priority in Servitalent.